Challenges of Online Dating

While online and mobile dating may be convenient for some, that certainly doesn’t make it any easier… Virtual dating comes with its own set of challenges.

For one, expecting a version of yourself in the opposite gender, or getting upset when you’ve been matched with people outside your usual breadth of dating material are two of the biggest obstacles that online daters set for themselves. They have high expectations that these algorithms are going to find their clone – and maybe that’s their problem with dating in general. They have a ‘type’ and don’t ever date outside of that. Instead of branching out after multiple failed relationships composed of the same “type”, they just keep following their broken formula of loneliness. One of the biggest challenges of online dating is overcoming the obstacles you set yourself up for in the physical dating world. Most quality dating sites will match you with people based on psychology a little bit deeper than if you both like Italian food and comedy movies. Resist your knee jerk impulse to reject and stick to your type!

Maybe you’ve opened your mind up now and are a little more willing to give that girl who’s not all that outdoorsy a try? How can you be sure her profile is genuine? You can’t. Another one of the major challenges of online dating is that the anonymity with online identity seems to lull people into thinking it’s okay to lie about who they are. On average, 60% of online daters have lied about their weight in their profile. 48% lie about their height and 19% lie about age. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about that except keep your fingers crossed and hope that if things progress to the point of meeting, that their ‘truth stretching’ isn’t obvious. You can, however, keep an eye out for red flags in a dating profile!

Challenges of online dating

Challenges of online dating

Spam, scams, and shenanigans. Online dating is a target for such activity, largely because bad people are looking to capitalize on your loneliness to make some money. Don’t forget to be on the look out for fembots. Most people with much experience on the internet can spot a scam or bot a thousand clicks away, but they are ever evolving like a virus so keep your guard up. If your online match seems to dodge meeting up after a reasonable amount of online chatter (meeting is the point right?), then be leery. Furthermore, (and we shouldn’t have to tell you this) never send money or personal information to someone you meet on the internet!

Have you experienced a set of challenges or online dating peeves you’d like to share with us? Tell us all about it in the comment section, and don’t forget to download Glober – a great way to introduce yourself into the global dating world!

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Fall Date Ideas – Glober

Next week marks the Autumn Equinox and Fall will be upon us! As Starbucks gets ready to roll out their pumpkin spice lattes, cardigans and light sweaters make an appearance in closets again, and the air takes on a hint of nostalgia, it’s time to amend your dating routine yet again! Whether you’ve cultivated a relationship all year or are heading out on a first date, we’ve got a great list of some fun things to do to take full advantage of the new season!


Dating in the Fall

Leaf looking isn’t just a past time for those past retirement age! People of all ages can’t deny the beauty that takes hold of the countryside as the temperatures dip cooler. Whether it’s taking a drive in the country, planning a picnic, canoe trip or hike, make it a point to do something outdoors with your partner!
Find a Fall Festival! Many communities are gearing up for their established fall or harvest festivals between September and October. Find one near you and enjoy the festivities! Hay rides, corn mazes, you name it!
Go apple picking. Fall is also apple season and orchards all over the country often host u-pick tours. Not only do you get to spend a beautiful day outside, but you can take the apples home later and bake a pie together, or drop them off at a local charity! Baking not your idea of fun? See if your orchard sells fresh apple cider or apple cider donuts, yum!
Practice your pumpkin carving just in time for Halloween! Afterwards, roast the seeds for a healthy snack!
Campfires finally feel good again with the cooler weather, break out the s’mores and ghost stories and sleeping bags!
Shop for Halloween costumes together! An evening of playing dress up can lead to so much more…
What are some of your favorite things to do in the Fall? Download Glober and find the perfect someone to snuggle with! Read More

The Cost Of Dating

Is being single draining your bank account? In a survey from 2011, Glamour Magazine determined that being single cost approximately $1500 – $2100 per year depending on your gender. Considering the continued rising cost of living across the nation, one could assume it’s notably higher now five years later.

The Cost of Dating

The Cost of Dating

Women largely spend their dating budget on manicures and pedicures, haircuts, waxing, tanning, outfits and transportation. Men who may save some on the grooming cost, still pick up the tab more often than not. Other costs for them include transportation as well as flowers/chocolate type items. Now, each gender can add the cost of their online dating profiles to that budget too. While you may be tempted to go with a free or cheap dating site, studies have shown that the attention and quality of time given to potential matches is greater with the higher cost dating sites. So, if you’re looking for someone to pass the time with, by all means save money. If you’re looking for something long-term though, spend the extra money!

The average cost of an online dating profile, based on the four leading sites, is $35/month. It might seem a little steep when one considers that some months you probably get more enjoyment out of your Netflix account for a much cheaper rate. At the same time though, online dating does provide you with the opportunity to do a little more screening of your potential matches before you commit to a new outfit and/or the cost of a night out on the town. What was the alternative before online dating for many young singles? Going out to a local club or bar? Consider how much you might have spent before online dating just going out looking for someone to go on a date with? Suddenly a $35/month price tag doesn’t look to steep. Are you going to go out to clubs and bars anyways because that’s what you like to do with your friends? Loose the dating fees and download a location-based dating app like Glober. Glober is a free dating app that matches you up with locals with similar interests! It’s a great (FREE) app to use when you’re out and about to find potential matches!

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Dating Burnout And How To Avoid It

A little disillusioned with the traditional dating scene you thought you’d sit down to create yourself a top-notch dating profile on one of the top dating websites. It seems to be the rising trend when looking for love and you’re tired of spending the weekends feeling forced into socializing in the hopes of meeting someone worth keeping around. Instead of hanging out at social events, now you spend a hour or two managing your online dating profile, reply to messages (or wondering why you’re not getting any) and browsing through suggested profiles. Somehow it feels like the same old story… No sparks, nothing promising, and a lot of time and effort spent. Sounds like you’re experiencing what’s known as “dating burnout”. Don’t worry, you’re not alone and you’re not the first! Check out these great tips to avoid loosing your enthusiasm for the dating world!

Avoid Dating Burnout

Avoid Dating Burnout

Avoid Dating Burnout

  • Limit Yourself – Stop making your only purpose in life be finding a date! When online dating enters the picture (and the fact that you can “date” people from your living room in your PJ’s) many people let it consume entirely too much of their free time. Don’t make every evening about browsing dating sites and responding to messages. Set aside a night or two each week to spend a couple hours responding to messages and perusing the suggested matches. In fact, make it a point to put at the bottom of your profile that you usually reply to messages on Tuesdays. This way a) they won’t be offended if you don’t get back to them ASAP and b) you can gauge if they bothered to read your whole profile or just look at your pictures…
  • Take Breaks – Not had any luck finding a date lately? Take a break! Plan a getaway with friends, or by yourself and forget about dating. Putting all your effort into dating can be draining and, over time, it shows. You come off less like a casual dater and more like someone in the throws of desperation. Take breaks, re-group, re-assess and then hit it again when you feel refreshed. Who knows, you might just find your match when you’re not looking!
Dating burnout

You are more than ‘single’!

  • Update your profile regularly – Look at it as freshening yourself up! Put up new pictures seasonally and touch up your profile when your tastes change, or things in your life. Maybe you posted your profile when you were finishing up a Master’s Degree; update it when you graduate and list your new job, or area of expertise! If you let your profile stagnate, so will your dating life!
  • You are more than ‘single’ – Don’t let your status as ‘single’ define your existence. You are an awesome person with lots of interests, hobbies, and dreams. Remember this and indulge them. Most people are looking for someone who is confident in their own personality. If you’re defined by ‘single’ that’s boring and needy. Be an amateur writer, painter, surfboarder, or charity volunteer. Be something other than ‘single’ both in your everyday life and online.
  • Try a dating app like GLOBER - Find people locally who are just looking to hang out. Taking a break from dating doesn’t mean you can’t interact with cool people! Avoid dating burnout by finding cool people to spend time with! Dating apps like Glober require less time and anxiety creating profiles and let you swipe through nearby matches quickly! Have fun with it!

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Be Who You Want To Date

The great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy once said, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” The meaning is pretty clear, and just as relevant to the dating scene as it is to the rest of life. Too often singles complain about the lack of decent date options out there and yet are quick to pick apart those that come along. It’s a brutal scene to be in. Maybe one of the best things you can do to increase your chances at finding a relationship would be to turn that critical eye inward for bit and consider if you would want to date you?

First things first, figure out what you are looking for in a long term partner. Some of the top traits that men cite being important in a long term partner are: ambition, intelligence, attractiveness and health, being dependable and emotionally stable. Traits women look for in men to date are intelligence, humor, attentiveness, class and romance. Once you know what you want in a partner, ask yourself if you reflect all those things too. People who put an emphasis on fitness, aren’t likely going to be interested in someone who loafs around and is carrying some extra weight. So putting fitness on the list of traits you’re looking for means you need possess this trait too! If you don’t want a partner who flies of the handle over small things, then don’t be that type of person to someone else.

Be who you want to date!

Be who you want to date!

Find your flaws and start working to improve them! And remember, while your out there looking for the perfect match, to look with an empathetic eye, because you just might look passed “the one”, not realizing that they are working to improve too!

Find all the traits you’re looking for in a long term partner with Glober! Download the app now and search the Globe!

Signs You’re In It For The Long Term

Clarifying uncertainty in relationships is one of the biggest trials of the dating world. Are they as in to you as you are them? Are they interested in something long-term or just playing the field? To help you clarify your partners intentions a little bit better, check out these common signs that their into you for the long-term.

  • They have met all your family that are important to you – and added the rest on Facebook
  • Trust has been established. Neither party feels the need to question where the other is/was nor snoop through phone messages or emails… Equally though, respect has been established and they will always communicate with you if they are going to be late, or going out somewhere so you aren’t worried.
  • They inconvenience themselves to make you happy. It’s a true sign of caring when someone steps outside of their comfort zone or makes a personal sacrifice (even small ones) to ensure that you are happy and taken care of. It’s not something people who aren’t’ serious are likely to do.
  • If they include you in decisions. Again, actions like this show they are interested in your happiness, in addition to theirs!


  • They show fear of hurting you. Someone who cares about the long-term future of a relationship cares about whether or not they hurt you. They show fear of doing anything to lose your trust, respect, or affections.
  • They talk about your future together, and care what you have to say about it.
  • They are willing to swallow their pride and show their weaknesses. Equally, once you have done so with them, they are careful never to use those against you or make you feel vulnerable.
  • It should go without saying, but frequent touching, doting and attention are all great signs!

The key to longevity is when these signs not only appear, but continue over an extended period of time. It’s obvious that in the beginning of a relationship someones focus is likely to be only on you, this doesn’t mean it’s time for wedding bells though! Make sure that after the initial relationship butterflies, those feels and affections are still to be found!

Find your true love with the location-based mobile app Glober! Find love locally, or globally!

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Are You An Annoying Couple?

Everyone has different ideas about how to conduct themselves when in a relationship. Some couples are most prim and proper when it comes to their interactions in public and others can’t seem to keep their hands to themselves. Now enters social media and those annoying couple habits that we were all once only subject to in public, are available to peeve us 24/7! Think you and your partner might fall into the annoying couple category? Check out some of the top cited irksome behaviors we’ve heard about below. Got your own peeves about couples in public or online? Share your comments with us!

  • Dumping your friends – Your friends understand that you’re going to be more pre-occupied with your new partner in crime, but don’t ever use it as an excuse to ditch or cancel plans with them. If you’d rather spend time with your boyfriend or girlfriend, then don’t bother to make the plans in the first place.
  • Don’t loose who you are – Sure you’ve got a new person whose having a big influence over your life currently, but don’t let them change who you are. Converting all your likes over to their likes is not only unhealthy for your friendships, it’s also unhealthy for a long-term relationship.


  • Assuming invitations – You might think of yourselves as a unit of one, but others don’t. Just because one of you receives an invitation to something, don’t assume that the other is expected too. Always clarify. You don’t want to offend your host by showing up with an uninvited  party, but also be leery of not bringing them in case it was an unclarified dual invitation!
  • Social Media PDA – You’ve updated your statuses to read “In a Relationship with…”. You’ve changed your profile picture to a couple selfie. You have fulfilled your duty to the social media world of confirming that you are now a unit of 2! Now it’s time to start keeping yourself in check! A major gripe against couples is excessive tagging, check-ins, couple selfies and the TMI public posts directed at only your girlfriend or boyfriend, yet conveniently displayed for all to see.

Share your peeves or stories below and don’t forget to download Glober and do your part to spread love around the globe!


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Dating Expectations: Are Yours Too High?

When it comes to the world of dating, it’s good to know what you want, but in this day and age, it also seems habitual to want too much – more than any one human being can be reasonably expected to have. In general, most people tend to think women are pickier daters than men. One could probably trace this back to some evolutionary biology about how women likely have more to lose in the long run, but we’ll leave that to the psychology bloggers! Instead, check out the signs below that maybe you’re a bit on the picky side and consider loosening up your expectations in the future! You might be surprised when Mr. or Mrs. Right makes your list of “musts” disappear!

5 Signs Your Expectations Are Too High

1) You turn down more than half of the dates you’re asked out on for trivial reasons – or you can’t ever find someone worth asking out.

2) You don’t even measure up to a quarter of the traits on your “must” list. Don’t expect others to be the whole package if you’re not either!

3) You’re considering breaking up with or turning down a second date because of his or her text lingo (emoji’s, abbreviations, etc), laugh, accent, or other trivial attribute

4) You’re more concerned with your dates financial or social standing to actually get to know them as a person instead of an asset

5) You refuse a date based on their name

6) His or her favorite band, movie, or book is lame to you. Dating people with different tastes can help to liven things up!


7) You don’t like what they do for a living. Think an accountant sounds boring? Plumber to “blue-collar”? Waitress to “unprofessional”? Get to know them before you judge their occupation – you don’t know where they came from or where they are going until you get to know them.

8) You aren’t willing to alter from “the list” or make any exceptions

9) You haven’t ever had a long-term relationship.

10) You get bored quickly. Remember if a date has turned into a relationship,  your partner is not there to entertain you. Things will likely not be as exciting as the ‘dating stage’, but there are better stages that come with time. Don’t throw something good away because your partner doesn’t keep you entertained all the time, they’re not a clown!

Remember that just because you say yes to a second or third date, doesn’t mean you’re committing to a relationship or anything long-term. If there’s any sort of connection, try seeing it through despite the minor flaws. As you spend more time together, those flaws may fade while the attributes grow!

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Long Distance Relationships: How To Keep It Fresh

In this day in age where for a lot of people work commutes are long, travel is often necessary, and a growing number of singles are turning to mobile apps or websites to find their match, there are likely more long distance relationships than ever before. Lucky for most, all the modern-day forms of communication make it so much easier to connect across that distance. There still remains the trouble though of how to keep your long distance relationship fresh with your limited resources for fun? Try these tips below to mix things up!

  • Reach out with old-fashioned communication by sending a letter. The main thing missing in a long distance relationship is a physical connection. Being able to feel something in your hand associated with your partner and an envelope that carries their scent can do a lot to re-affirm a connection.
  • Go one step further with a care package! A simple, out-of-the-blue, for no good reason care package says volumes along the lines of “thinking of you” send some cookies/chocolates, gift card for coffee or a massage, and a mixed cd. Or, send a ‘date package’ with a copy of a movie, bottle of wine and some flowers with plans to meet up on Skype of Facetime on a Saturday night to watch a movie together.
Long Distance Dating - How to keep those butterflies!

Long Distance Dating – How to keep those butterflies!

  • Plan time together. Depending on your distance, find a cute little halfway spot where you can get together at a bed & breakfast or little cabin for the weekend. Make it a point to meet up on the weekends at least once every three months.
  • Schedule regular times to catch up on the more mundane parts of life. Sharing the everyday aspects of our lives are one things that help couples to bond. It’s not the most exciting, but it does help to establish a long-term connection. If you can, try to schedule a chat session everyday at dinner time to talk about how your days went and other daily musings that couples share.


Are you in a long distance relationship? What do you and your partner do to keep from loosing interest?

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Tips for Attending a Wedding Solo

With wedding season well upon us, there are still a lot of singles out there getting sucked in by the wedding whirlpool.  Before you give up and drown though, try these quick tips to turn wedding season into your favorite time of year!

Love Being Single At A Wedding

  • Going to a wedding single doesn’t mean you have to go alone! Try to connect with other invited single girls and make it a social outing! Pitch in together on a hotel suite and plan your own after/pre-wedding events when all the couples have headed off together!
  • Download an awesome location-based dating app like Glober to see who you get matched with at the wedding. Glober offers the “Shake It Baby” feature and with a shake of your phone, it will match you with another single with similar interests!
  • Don’t hang out in the shadows by the punch bowl – put on your biggest smile and charm and mingle with the different groups. You may not know everybody, but if you were invited, you at least know somebody, ask them to introduce you to others. Weddings are great places to meet new people.


  • Is the wedding an event you’ll have to travel for? Try taking a few extra days off work and planning a couple of days to yourself or with friends to just relax and vacation! Sitting through the wedding events won’t be so bad if you know you have something awesome to look forward to after!
  • Single men – feeling a little nervous about approaching the single girls? It may sound funny, but start by charming the old women! A dance with the grandma will ingratiate you to many of the single girls watching for being both considerate and having a good sense of humor!
  • Never underestimate the entertainment value of a couple of drinks, a good friend and some old-fashioned people watching!

Got your own tips on how to enjoy the wedding single? Tell us about it! Don’t forget to download Glober – and tell all your friends, before you next big social event! Play the “Shake It Baby” game!


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