Tips for Attending a Wedding Solo

With wedding season well upon us, there are still a lot of singles out there getting sucked in by the wedding whirlpool.  Before you give up and drown though, try these quick tips to turn wedding season into your favorite time of year!

Love Being Single At A Wedding

  • Going to a wedding single doesn’t mean you have to go alone! Try to connect with other invited single girls and make it a social outing! Pitch in together on a hotel suite and plan your own after/pre-wedding events when all the couples have headed off together!
  • Download an awesome location-based dating app like Glober to see who you get matched with at the wedding. Glober offers the “Shake It Baby” feature and with a shake of your phone, it will match you with another single with similar interests!
  • Don’t hang out in the shadows by the punch bowl – put on your biggest smile and charm and mingle with the different groups. You may not know everybody, but if you were invited, you at least know somebody, ask them to introduce you to others. Weddings are great places to meet new people.


  • Is the wedding an event you’ll have to travel for? Try taking a few extra days off work and planning a couple of days to yourself or with friends to just relax and vacation! Sitting through the wedding events won’t be so bad if you know you have something awesome to look forward to after!
  • Single men – feeling a little nervous about approaching the single girls? It may sound funny, but start by charming the old women! A dance with the grandma will ingratiate you to many of the single girls watching for being both considerate and having a good sense of humor!
  • Never underestimate the entertainment value of a couple of drinks, a good friend and some old-fashioned people watching!

Got your own tips on how to enjoy the wedding single? Tell us about it! Don’t forget to download Glober – and tell all your friends, before you next big social event! Play the “Shake It Baby” game!

13 Ways You Know You’re Dating A High-Quality Woman

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1. She encourages you to pursue your goals, but she doesn’t micromanage. She trusts you to make the right decisions in your own life. She’s the cheerleader, not the coach.

2. She doesn’t try to make you jealous. She’s secure in her worth, and your ability to recognize how valuable she is. She doesn’t need to play games to “trick” you into seeing her her for what she is.

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3. She doesn’t have a princess complex. She demands that you treat her with respect — but because she is a person you love, not because she is a woman and therefore magically entitled to something. Just as she would expect you to treat your friends and family with respect, she knows you wouldn’t treat her any other way. A high-quality woman wouldn’t be with a man who was…

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The “Friend Zone” & How To Avoid It

The term “friend zone” really needs no defining introduction. For those lucky enough to be clueless though, it’s the position that many men (men more often than girls) find themselves in where they have more romantic intentions with a girl than the girl has with them (i.e. she see’s the man as a friend instead of boyfriend). Men often complain that girls are only into jerks and that they don’t appreciate all the nice, ‘gentleman’ like qualities they have to offer. Listen up guys – girls do like gentleman like qualities, but they also like a clear, defining aura of masculinity. The key here is to be noticed for your more masculine qualities and then introduce the softer side later. There is a balance that needs to be achieved if you are going to avoid “running with the girls” in a ‘friend zone’.

A lot of the men who find themselves in the position are kinda shy, maybe less the “alpha” stereotype and the number one failing on their part is that they don’t make their intentions clear. Instead of letting a girl know that they like them and just asking her if she’d like to go out on a date and get to know each other better, they try to infiltrate the girls circle – to the extent that they end up hanging out with the girl (good), but doing so in the same way she hangs out with her girlfriends (bad).

There are some very clear signs that you are treading to near the “friend zone”. All flags should go up if she starts talking to you about other guys. A girl who is entertaining romantic thoughts with a man is not likely to cry about her ex, or discuss other men she may be into. If a conversation like this comes up, fess up immediately that you are pretty into her and was hoping that she was, or would consider, being into you. If you don’t speak now, you’re going to waste your time and set yourself up for a long drawn out bout of heartbreak. The friend zone is near impossible to get out of.

In addition to talking to you about other men, you should be aware if she starts talking to you like she does her other girl friends. Girls do not discuss the same things in the same ways with girls that they do with potential boyfriend material. At all costs you need to avoid being associated with more girls than you do guys. Showing an affinity for Twilight (even if it’s her favorite book), is not going to score as many points with her as being into something more commonly associated with guys (Star Trek anyone?).



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The Quite Perfect Guy

If he… 

Makes you laugh.



Kisses your forehead.



Makes an effort. 


Holds your hand. 



… Then, believe it or not, he’s quite perfect. 


5 Things A Man Can Do To Make A Girl Lose All Respect

Guys put a lot of effort into wooing a girl into a date, unfortunately, many tend to waste their efforts by pulling one of these stunts on the first few dates. Respect, once lost is a difficult or downright impossible thing to regain. In the hopes of rescuing gentlemen from around the globe, we’ve compiled this list of deplorable behavior that many fall victim to. Ladies, please feel free to weigh in on what makes you lose respect for a potential suitor – or better yet, what if anything can be done to repair the damage!

  1. Bad Grammar – It may seem like a simple thing but being able to speak and text intelligently shows at least a moderate level of education and attention to detail. Poor grammar, especially while texting, is a major turn off.
  2. Being Needy – Neither gender likes a partner who is clingy. You don’t have to be distant, but being available at the drop of a hat 24/7, and over texting are two big things that will make a girl think less of you.
  3. Not being reliable – Stuff happens and that fine, but a consistent reputation for not just being late physically, but not calling when expected, backing out on plans or any general flakiness is going to get you in the ‘disrespect’ category pretty quick.
  4. Whining without action – everybody has a bad day and just needs a moment to vent. If you’re new in a relationship though, try to keep it to a minimum and make sure your girl knows that you are just venting. A man who complains without any intention to take action over the issue appears like a weak whiner…
  5. Being over jealous – Men occasionally will let their eyes wander and often perceive jealousy on their girls part as a sign of insecurity. Girls feel the same way. If your girl smiles at another man, or has a guy friend that’s been around longer than you, make sure your okay with that before you ever consider a relationship. Girls, too, see quick jealousy as a sign of insecurity and are likely to cull the weak!


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8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Husband


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The spate of divorces, tales of heartbreaks; domestic violence; maltreatments; and so many other complains from women in the hands of their spouses, got me really wondering as to what women consider when they choose to date or marry men. I do know that women are always choosy and careful about things that matter to them. A woman would not hire a housemaid whom they have very little information about; a woman wouldn’t hire a security person whose character hasn’t been proven; women are always careful about their drivers, hairstylist, tailors, and other customers…they go all the lengths just to make sure they can trust these people. Yet when it comes to marriage, many women are always in haste. And in their haste to be married many women are too easily satisfied with the characters of men who may offer themselves as husbands.

In a rush to…

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4 Signs Your Date Is Going Badly…

Some people can be hard to read. Unfortunately it’s not usually socially acceptable to just ask a date if they are having a good time. You can ask, but it’s likely to be met with an awkward smile and assurances of yes, even if it’s a big no. Avoid putting your date on the spot and keep an eye out for some telling signs that things aren’t going in your favor. You might just catch them in time to change the outcome!

  1. Awkward silences – It’s natural to have one, maybe two when you first get together, especially if you’re both a little nervous. A date defined by awkward silences though may just be a sign that the two of you just don’t have that much to talk about. Avoid these moments by asking questions that require full responses, not yes’s or no’s. Example: “What was it like growing up in Wisconsin?”
  2. Lack of eye contact – Avoiding eye contact with someone is often a sign of deception or not feeling comfortable at all. If your date fails to make eye contact with you it’s not a good sign…
  3. Wandering eyes – Obviously it’s a bad sign if he or she is checking out other people, but it’s also a bad sign if they are constantly scanning the area around them like they are board and looking for something of interest. Boredom is also often accompanied by checking a cell phone, frequent glances at the watch or lack of enthusiasm in answers or questions.
  4. Disagreements – This may seem obvious. Getting in an argument before you even a couple is not a great sign. You’d be surprised though how many people will argue a point during a date and then think it went great. No, you don’t have to agree on everything, but if you can’t disagree respectfully – it’s a bad date.

Remember though, you can only do so much to keep your date happy. Maybe you’re smitten but they just aren’t. If you’re trying to force things on the first few dates, it’s a bad sign for your future together. Dates are about getting to spend time with each other. If you spend the whole time trying to find more elaborate ways to entertain your match instead of them being content with just focusing on you, you may have a high maintenance match and it’s time to move on to another who will appreciate you more than the venue.

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Love At First Sight – How To Come Off Likable Right Away!

You know those people you meet that are just instantly likable? Their charisma and charm makes it seem like no doors won’t open for them and you can’t help but feeling great when you’re in their presence and their attention is focused on you. While some of their attraction may be chemistry, there are certain things you can do that imbue you with a warmth that people just can’t get enough of. Next time you’re out on a date, at a social gathering or even a job interview, try out these tips and feel the love!

Love at first site - your guide to charm!

Love at first sight – your guide to charm!

  • Smile and do it genuinely. Everyone can tell if you’re fake smiling and that just comes off creepy. Pretend like you’re talking to a family member or friend you truly care about. A true smile can be seen in your eyes makes you feel like a warm and inviting person – the type people love to be around!
  • Compliment them or someone close to them. Again, not in a fake desperate way. People love other people who make them feel good about themselves or people they care about. If you’re at a wedding and you’re talking to one of the bridesmaid’s brothers, instead of complimenting him, say something nice about his sister.
  • Listen. Paying attention to other people makes them feel valued. Listen and respond meaningfully. If it’s appropriate, make a little joke and smile.
  • Charm them then take a back seat. Make your impression with a warm smile, nice and clever comments then take a step back. Linger elsewhere to make yourself available, but let them seek you out. If you were successful they will want to be in your company again and seek it out!

Remember that everyone likes to feel valued. Being enthusiastic, warm and attentive are the best ways to ensure that you’ve made a lasting impression – one that will hopefully lead to love!

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Unusual Attractions, Part II: Unique Things Women Find Attractive

The last time we talked about the emphasis the media places on perfection equaling beauty and while there may be a popular culture standard for it, there are many ways in which the average man prefers his girl to differ. This time we’re going to look over a few unusual things that women find attractive about men – forget about the tanned bulging muscles you see in the magazines and lets hear what women really like!

  • Forearms – Not biceps, but exposed forearms. Women love it when a man rolls his sleeves up to expose his forearms
  • Greying hair – Lucky for men, women usually find them just as if not more attractive as they age. The light salt and peppering of grey hairs offers a dignified look that women can’t resist.
  • Big Ears – maybe it’s their boyish charm, but many women list men with larger ears as being attractive
  • Brains – it’s not all about brawn and accomplishments! Lots of women cite intelligence and the ability to carry on a smart conversation in a non – condescending, know-it-all tone as a major turn on.
  • Lucky for the nerds out there, a lot of women think guys who are into Star Trek at hot!
Far from popular belief, Trekkies are attractive!

Far from popular belief, Trekkies are attractive!

Next time you don’t feel like you’re measuring up to the figures you see around you, relax and know that women find a lot of different things attractive and you’re bound to fit into several of those categories. However, you might surrender defeat if a man with rolled up shirt sleeves and a touch of grey to his hair shows up and can carry on an intelligent conversation with Star Trek references…

Women, what do you think of our list? Feel free to add your own quirky likes below!

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Unusual Attractions: Unique Things Men Find Attractive

Media often bombards people with airbrushed images of beautiful, perfect women and much has been said about the high ideal presented for young girls to conform to. So, after hours of exhaustive research, we’ve found some interesting features that many men find exceptionally attractive that many women may never have suspected!

  •  Small breasts – You always read about how men find full breasts attractive because they are a sign of fertility, but small breasts have their perks too (pun intended!). Small breasts often resist the signs of aging and give a more youthful appearance – which is also a sign of fertility.
  • Rounded stomachs – Girls may work hard for a toned and defined stomach, but lots of men are attracted to a softer more rounded look. A little bit of extra padding over those abs add a sensual touch.


  • Slightly crooked teeth – Don’t mistake this as equal to a lack of dental hygiene, but a girl who hasn’t concerned herself with the small imperfections nature gave her and sought to fix them stands out as uniquely beautiful to many men.
  • Women WITHOUT social media accounts – Girls who neglect the social norms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the others are consistently listed as being attractive. Men equate it with a lack of interest in drama and narcissism.

Remember that beauty comes in all sorts of varieties and a preference for one does not mean a rejection of another! Yes, your boyfriend can find both Gisele with her perfect abs and you with your rounded stomach attractive. Are you a man and want to add to our list? Tell us what you find attractive below!

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Check out our upcoming blog post to find out some unusual things that WOMEN find attractive about MEN!



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