Resolutions for a Better Love Life in the New Year

Last week Santa made his list and checked it twice and this week it’s your turn! New Year’s Resolutions are an age-old tradition. Many people start off with the best of intentions, but as life keeps moving those resolutions get pushed down on the list of priorities, only to rear their heads again come December! Don’t beat yourself up too much though – the act of simply reflecting on your life and knowing what you’d like to change can sometimes be a big step in the right direction. So, make those resolutions anyways and this may be the year you stick to them.


Whether you find yourself single, in a committed relationship, or struggle to keep one going, consider making some New Years resolutions for a better love life in 2015!

This year I’m going to… 

  • Learn from my past relationships – Take some time to do some serious self-reflection on why your past relationships have failed. Do you always go out with the same type of person? Do you have unreasonable expectations? Are you ready for a committed relationship? Try to identify the cause and then make an active choice not do so with your next partner.
  • Spend more time with my partner – It’s easy to get caught up in work and forget that healthy, lasting relationships are built by people who make time for each other. If you’re in a committed relationship, it’s important that your partner is a priority in your life. If you’ve struggled keeping a match for more than six months, maybe it’s because you don’t make them a priority.
  • Work through obstacles in my relationship – Are you a victim of the fight or flight mentality? When presented with an obstacle in your relationship are your instincts to either get defensive and hostile or just remove yourself from the situation altogether? Make it a point this year to practice practical problem solving instead of arguing and opting out. You might be surprised at how working through problems together can build lasting bonds.
  • Forgive and forget (but not repeat) – Are you still hung-up on how things ended with your ex? Carrying around former hostilities or infatuations can be a major roadblock in moving forward with happy relationships in the future. Focus on letting offenses go – people do things at different points in their lives for different reasons and you are bound to be a victim at some point or another. Forgive them, forget the offense, but don’t blindly set yourself up again. (See first resolution!)
  • Be a better partner – This will mean different things depending on your relationship. Try to identify the points in a relationship that you are the weakest in and strengthen them! Maybe you could be a better listener? more empathetic? have more self-esteem? build your partner’s self-esteem? Try to identify at least one thing that you could do better and focus on it each day!

Do you already have a resolution list of your own? Share with us some of the things you’d like to do better in the new year for your love life!

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Dating Apps for Travel Buddies?

Have you ever traveled to a new place and wished you had someone to show you around but you didn’t want to pay a tour agency? Or maybe you want something more “off-the-beaten-path” and less frequented by tourists? These are both services any local resident of your destination could offer and by using location-based mobile apps it can be easy to find a trendy tour guide with similar style and taste to you!

A rising trend among the younger travelers is to seek out friendly companionship from people native to their destination or with fellow travelers. Using some travel apps, or any location-based dating app, a simple input of your location and some things your into can bring you matches all within a specified radius of your location. You can then open up a text conversation or even a quick video chat to find out if your personalities are a match. Once you’re comfortable make plans to met up and talk about places you’d like to see or your new friend has to recommend!

It’s also a great way to find fellow travelers and compare notes on the places you’ve been and where you’re going. Person to person reviews of food, lodging and tourist destinations can really add value and a positive experience for any traveler.


No plans to travel anywhere anytime soon? No problem! You can sign up to offer your knowledge to travelers coming to your home city! You can meet and spend time with people from all over the world, learning about their culture and sharing a little of yours!

Remember though, if you’re using an app commonly used for dating, make your intentions clear and exercise the usual precautions when meeting someone new. Stay in public places and try to disclose few personal details. Keep your passport close and use public transportation to get to your destinations. Even better, make it a group get together! Find several fellow travelers and arrange for everyone to meet up at a popular tourist spot before you plan adventures!

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Online Dating – Valuing the Fantasy Over the Reality

An interesting phenomena has begun to occur in the world of online dating. Online dating and mobile dating apps began as augmentation to the dating world – a way for those too overwhelmed by everyday pressures of work and modern society to find romance and committed matches from the comfort of their homes, or introduce them to “the one” that they may otherwise have never met. The point of it all was to act as an intermediary – sort of like your friend who used to tell you they had a friend that would be perfect for you. In the 21st century, your laptop, iPad, and mobile phone now makes recommendations and you choose to act on them accordingly in your spare time.

What is interesting is not that the mode of introductions has changed, but that the purpose has. Historically the purpose of dating (or courting as it was once called) was to find a marriage-worthy match. Over the decades that has evolved and now people date for many different reasons. Some for marriage, some to meet new people or have fun, and some simply for sex. It appears that a growing trend now, however, is using online dating profiles and mobile apps for no other purpose than simply to pass the time.


An increasing number of people are using some form of digital dating, but not bothering to follow through on the matches with dates or relationships. Once matched with someone, users establish a connection and usually start-up a texting regimen. Sometimes emails factor in, but not so much among the younger crowd.  All these alternative forms of communication that don’t require a physical or even auditory connection are allowing people to create illusions both of themselves and others, that can be a little daunting to let go of once the reality of actually getting to know someone IRL (in real life) sets in. Interacting with people via digital media over an extended period of time allows people to create fantasies both of themselves and of the other person, a habit that can often lead to a big let down in the physical world. Through a smartphone, there is no baggage, no commitment, and several other “perks” as discussed here.

As a result, lots of people are getting their fulfillment from digital dating in a few different ways:

  • They get ego boosts from the number of people interested in “dating” them.
  • They get to create themselves anew, building a fantasy world in which they are viewed by others exactly like they’d like to be IRL.
  • They get (safer) no-strings attached sexual interactions via sexting and/or video chats.

What’s your intent when you use digital dating?

Christmas Dating – New Relationships and Gifting

Dating around Christmas can sometimes be just as awkward as dating around Valentine’s Day – to gift, or not to gift? We are of the opinion that any level of closeness merits some form of gift – the complexity of that gift should be determined by the length and strength of the current relationship. As always, remember the basic rule of gift giving, get them something you think THEY will enjoy, not that you would. A thoughtful gift is one that shows how well you know the person you are buying for.


If you’ve been on more than three dates and have maintained regular contact, a small “something” is appropriate. Think something more along the lines of a stocking nice stuffer. An extravagant gift at this point in your relationship will look creepy.

For Her:

  • Exotic chocolates – It sounds cliche’ but that’s because it is a good gift, especially for someone you’re getting to know!
  • A scarf – Only if you’ve taken cues from her style!
  • Earrings – Steer clear of over-elaborate or expensive. Something nice, but not that you’ll regret if you break-up!
  • High-end candle – The more cliche’ or cheap the gift seems, the higher you need to go on the quality.
  • A book – Again, only if you’ve been clever enough to pick up on personality cues to choose one that suites her.
  • Keepsake/Trinket box – Nicely made and in her personal style
  • Earn extra points for making a mix “tape”!

For Him:

  • Headphones – good quality, not expensive unless you’re getting serious
  • A classic book – think “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”, “Cather in the Rye” or something along those lines if you’ve got a reader.
  • Tickets to a concert or sports event
  • A record – if he’s into vinyl and you know his tastes
  • Nice bottle of Whiskey
  • Gloves – think something like The North Face, or Under Armor

The longer you and your partner have been together, the better the gift should express how well you know them. Too much pressure? Forget gifts and give memories – plan a special event or activity and then give them a memento!

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Winter Weather Dating – Your Guide

Winter weather makes just about everything a little bit more difficult. When your environment is fighting against you, don’t be tempted to give up and hibernate all season! Prevent those harsh weather predictions for this years winter from effecting  your dating habits with these awesome winter date ideas! The season’s much warmer when you have someone to share it with!

  • Embrace Sports! – There is no better season for getting your blood flowing either by participating, or just getting all riled up over a good game of hockey! Make a date of either playing the game, or get tickets to attend one together!
  • For the outdoorsy type – Plan a snowshoe hike, a ski resort getaway, or snowboarding trip. No money for travel plans? Go sledding!
  • Warm the blood – Participate in a wine/beer/whiskey/or bourbon tasting! It’s more romantic than bar hopping and offers the two of you a better opportunity to interact and still enjoy a drink!


  • Have a bonfire! – There is no better season when being gathered around a fire is more enjoyable! Roast hot dogs, make s’mores, get close and enjoy the warmth! No room for a bonfire? Use the fire-place!
  • Feeling charitable? Show your compassionate side by volunteering at a soup kitchen, clothes closet, or other charity focused organization.
  • Make it a coffee date! Who says you have to meet up at night? Make plans for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up at the local coffee shop. It’s a great light date that keeps the focus on conversing with each other in a relaxed setting. The perfect date to get to know someone!

Have you had an awesome winter date experience? Share it with us and grow the list to help lonely hearts get through the cold! Don’t forget to download Glober to find your match for the season!

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Should Your Relationship Take A Break?

So you’ve used your awesome Glober dating app and found the perfect match. Things are going swimmingly but you’re not sure how serious things really are and need some time to reflect? Not to be confused with a ‘break-up’, taking relationship breaks can be a great way to reassess where you’re at, and where you want to go as a couple. It sounds scary, but if both partners are willing, there can be a lot of great benefits to a bit of time spent apart!

  • Reconnect with yourself – It’s easy to lose yourself in a relationship and it’s hard to be happy in the long run if you never reaffirm and become confident in your own identity. Taking a break can let you remember who you are!
  • Extend the romance – taking a break can give you an opportunity to stretch your romance out and keep those butterflies fluttering. Moving too fast and burning too hot can signal a short union.
  • Strengthen your bond – If you’re taking a break in a relationship you may find yourself feeling a little “off” or love-sick – all good signs that you genuinely are into your partner and are eager to get them back in your routine!
  • Or break your bond… – However, if you find yourself feeling more relieved and less stressed without them, you may need to reassess why being in your relationship causes you to feel like that, and reconsider the future of it.


If you and your partner do decide to take a break, be sure you are both clear on the definition of a break. Relationship breaks usually mean that you are taking a break from being a couple, but that you’re not necessarily free to date other people either. You may go out with friends but the point of a break is to focus on you, not jump right into something with someone else. If that’s your goal, you should save yourself and your partner the trouble and just call it a ‘break-up’.

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Thanksgiving – Should You Bring Your Date?

Dating around holidays can throw a lot of curve-balls your way and awkward situations. While Thanksgiving might be a little more clear-cut than the rules surrounding Valentines Day for new couples, there are still some basic dating rules that should be observed as you and your match start making your holiday plans.

When it comes to family – The newer the relationship the easier it should be – generally if you’ve been dating for less than six months, you should go your separate ways. Even if he or she has met your family before, it’s best to keep them separate until things are definitively more serious. What if you’re almost to six months and feeling really strongly about it? Take a cue from your family. If an invitation is extended, accept it, but don’t push the situation, it will just make for an uneasy holiday and no one will feel comfortable.


But whose family? – Do you go to your parents or theirs? Have you got invitations from both and you don’t want either to feel slighted? Separate. Don’t cause riffs between families that early in a relationship! If the distance isn’t too great, you can always make plans to dine with one and then go for coffee and dessert with the other!

If you go your separate ways… – If it works out best for you each to attend your own families gathering, try to make it a point to rendezvous later for drinks or dessert, even if it has to be a late night Skype session. Remembering to be thankful for with people you are thankful for is the reason for the season!

No family? – If neither of you plan on attending a family gathering for Thanksgiving, then by all means make it a date! Find a restaurant that is serving and really make it a treat! …or find some friends in a similar situation and create your own “family” gathering!

Whatever your personal situation, avoid the temptation to argue over plans and stir-up hurt feelings. If determining holiday plans brings out the boxing gloves between you and your partner, or the families, be warned it could be foreshadowing to future drama…

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Are You Blocking Chemistry By Trying Too Hard?

Everyone talks about that “spark” that either happens or doesn’t on a date. It’s existence is often the prime determining factor in whether there is a second date or not. The interesting thing about that “spark” or “chemistry” is that it’s not something that can be manufactured, no matter how hard one might try. In fact, trying to ensure a spark can often lead to a backfire… Have you ever been guilty of trying to hard to create chemistry on a first date? Are you your own worst enemy?

  • Don’t tell him or her what you think they want to hear – Your average person can pick up on ingenuous statements and empty compliments. Don’t think to yourself, “what do I need to say for them to like me?”, instead focus on saying only things you actually mean. Even if you do manage to get a second date by showering someone with false statements, it’s not likely to go much further…


  • Don’t try to be who they are – Of course you want your date to feel that the two of you share similar interests and lifestyles, but assessing their personality and then trying to assimilate yours to match isn’t romantic, it’s parasitical and creepy. If you agreed to or instigated a date with a cowboy/cowgirl or a surf loving vegan don’t change you’re style to fit theirs. Lots of people can make a match with different lifestyles if both are genuine and honest about who they are, and curious about the other.
  • Don’t wear your life story on your sleeve – You’ve heard that honesty is one of the main foundations for a good relationship so you try to spread out your life’s history on the first date so it’s all on the table – big mistake. While honesty is huge in a relationship, not disclosing your life story on the first date isn’t a bad thing. First of all, that would pretty much equal a whole date of you talking about you, and second, create a little mystery! Leave something to be learned or wondered about. Intrigue keeps a spark burning and chemistry bubbling!

Remember that while sparks can be fanned, they can’t be forced. You fan too much too soon and you end up blowing the fire out! Be who you are so you don’t have to go through a moment of ‘personality reveal’ later and cultivate an interest in yourself, while expressing the same in them.

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Celebrities and Mobile Dating

Online dating profiles and mobile dating apps aren’t just for your average (or even single!) dater! Lot’s of America’s top celebrities have joined the leagues with the rest of the lonely hearted. Whether looking for long-term commitments or short-term fun, the confessions of the rich and famous keep growing! So, what celebrities might you stumble across while swiping or shaking your mobile device for your next match?

  • Halle Berry once frequented some of the early online dating website chat rooms to “see what all the hype was about”.
  • British beauty Lily Allen signed up for mobile dating despite her status as married! Apparently she just enjoyed the entertainment of 21st Century dating!
  • Another, already seemingly romantically committed user – Ashton Kutcher.
  • No surprise party girl Lindsey Lohan uses mobile dating apps to pass the time.
  • To combat her much sung about break-up, Adele used eHarmony to try to bounce back into the dating scene.
  • You’re never too old for dating! The late Joan Rivers proved this point by creating a profile on
  • Chace Crawford, looking for a girl not distracted by his fame, has admitted to browsing profiles on dating websites
  • Facebook might not be technically considered a dating site, but Orlando Bloom once used a fake profile to woo the women of the internet.
Are you a match for the famous?

Are you a match for the famous?

In fact, celebrity use of dating apps has become so popular that some apps have begun offering celebrity verification services to prevent false accounts! Expand your options and download Glober for global mobile dating!

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Why People Date Online (And Should You?)

Why, after over a millennium of physical meet and greets, wooing, betrothing and arranged marriages, are so many people so willing to hand over amorous matching to mathematical algorithms? Once humans chose matches based on those best able to propagate a genetic line, while also caring for and protecting it. As survival became easier, marriages acted as bargaining chips to seal beneficial relationships between families, villages and kingdoms. Then came the era of romance and “free love”, not in the 1960’s sense, but in the sense that both genders were free to choose their partner based solely on a mutual kinship. Not that all marriages before this were loveless, it just simply wasn’t the foundation. Love grew from the shared struggle of a life lived together and in unison. When once there was love because of a committed relationship , now we seek a committed relationship because of love – love coming before the relationship, that is. Can one determine the truth behind lasting love before a lifetime together? That is the gamble that is made at every wedding and only the years it takes to lay down the cards will determine the sincerity of each partner.


So, why do people use online dating? Why has this complex evolution now evolved to one that we seek to determine by a swipe of the finger?

  1. No one has time anymore for the baby steps – We may no longer be fighting the saber-tooth and elements of nature, but we’ve traded those enemies for mortgages, healthcare and recreational costs… Our time is more monopolized now than it’s ever been before in the civilized world, with many companies expecting round the clock on call service and dedication to the job and your coworkers (whom you’re not supposed to date!). There is no time for getting to know the basics about someone. Online dating gives you the luxury of all that pre-date small talk without the time it consumes. Post it once, and it’s good for all your potential dates.
  2. Our priorities have changed – Since we now mostly exist in a world where a dual gender “team” is no longer required to ensure the survival of our species, are our priorities still a lasting bond with a single individual? Many people, more and more are simply looking to have their physical needs met but not interested in commitment. Again, online dating provides something similar to a catalog service of available singles who are possibly looking for the same thing you are…
  3. More comfortable with technology – With each new generation, people become more and more comfortable with technology being in more intimate parts of their lives. To many millennials, turning to the online community for dating is completely natural and even preferred, especially for those with social anxiety issues.
  4. Allows you to utilize down time – Maybe you’re on week five of working late and project deadlines? Online dating allows you to utilize your lounge time to potentially grow your love life. Instead of having to take the time and money to get dressed up and go out on the town, you can meet and engage with interested singles from the comfort of your home, no matter what time of day! You may just find the love of your life in between loads of laundry!
  5. It’s fun, as simple as that – Online dating can be tons of fun and connect you with a much larger variety of people than you might have had access to hanging out in the same part of town that you usually do. Using location-based dating services allows you to find quick matches locally for nothing more than a fun evening together at a concert or local club!

So, is online dating for you? If you fall into one of the above categories, it’s definitely worth giving it a try!


A kiss that is never tasted, is forever and ever wasted.
– Billie Holiday

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Halloween and the Single Life

As the chilly temperatures move in and the days grow shorter, one can feel the approach of Halloween in the air! Candy corn has been on the shelves for some time now and you’re starting to get invites or make plans for the festivities. Whether you’re going out with a group of platonic friends, or headed out the door with some treats of your own in mind, consider these important bits of advice!

Halloween Fun!

Halloween Fun!

  • Consider your costume – It almost seems to be Halloween tradition (or even cliché at this point) for girls to break out costumes found any other time of the year confined to the bedroom. Remember though, it may be Halloween but don’t dress for that sort of attention unless you want it, and be mindful of the weather! Most October 31st evenings tend to be chilly at best and too much skin on display can lead you to being uncomfortable all night. As for men, if you’re single and hitting a party leave the ‘bro comedy’ out of your costume choice. Go for something classically spooky or even a little geeky before you choose the giant beer can outfit…
  • Keep makeup to a minimum (both sexes!) – If you think you might just meet a romantic match on All Hallow’s Eve, keep your costume makeup to a minimum. Physical attraction is the first step forward and hiding your face under layers of festive makeup may look great for your costume, but hinder your chances with the opposite sex. Opt for light coverage or a mask/easy prosthetics – something that can be removed easily if things are going well.
  • Mind your consumption of devilish brews – Always a good idea if you think you might meet someone, but equally important even if you’re just out for a night on the town with friends. Costumes can prove to be an obstacle even for a sober person. Over consumption may lead to an (even more than usually) amount of stumbling, tripping, falling and/or general outfit destruction and accidents.
  • Use technology to spruce up a party – Want to add life to your party with the possibility of some amorous connections? Try having your party members download an online location-based dating app like Glober and see who they get match up with at the party!

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Gamers Finding Love In The Digital World

Turn the clock back twenty years and if you were a boy who was into video games, your chances in the world of dating were pretty minimal. One could say that along with an interest in science, video games helped to define the image of nerds that has been immortalized in films and jokes for several decades now. Perhaps an ironic “revenge of the nerds” has finally occurred – the Wall Street Journal reported last month that women now make up HALF of all gamers.

Over the years women have been increasingly represented in not only video games, but the gamer community – and in a more relevant role than the sex icon dreamed up by ostracized nerds. Girls actually play the games, and are good at them. When one pairs this rising female gaming trend with the growing move in online dating, it may just create the perfect storm for male gamers around the globe!  Dating networks have already sprung up designed to match gaming girls and boys up for romance, but isn’t the nature of online gaming itself already the perfect dating site?

Gamers finding love!

Gamers finding love!

By the very nature that two people are not only playing online games, but are even playing the SAME online game is a pretty good indicator that the two have some things in common. With voice chat, and even video chat now capabilities supplied by next-gen gaming consoles, you have the opportunity to see and interact with potential partners in a real-time environment. An added bonus? through online gaming you get to see how you and another match up doing team work, how the two of you handle pressure, and if you have each others backs! The only potential draw back might be geographical limitations for any physical connection… If the will is there though, the perfect match will most certainly find a way! Or, check out a device like Glober to find singles with similar interests locally and arrange to meet up for an online gaming match from the comfort and safety of your home! If the trends keep moving in their current direction, couples of the future may have more fights over the gaming controller than the TV remote!

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Tips For Men – Taking A Girl Out

Scouring the internet and social circles for girl’s pet peeves and preferences when it comes to first dates, we’ve compiled a great list of tips for men when date night rolls around. Whether you met your date via an online dating site, at the dog park, or through a mutual connection, these tips are timeless, classic, and yet sometimes so hard for people to remember through all the nerves that go with first dates.

Tips For Taking A Girl Out

• Make your intentions clear! There is nothing worse than spending a whole evening wondering if you’ve been asked out as a romantic prospect, or as a platonic buddy. Most mature modern day interactions do not discourage boy/girl platonic friendships. When you ask a girl out with romantic intentions, do not ask her if she wants to “hang” – be clear that it’s a date if it’s a date. This won’t make it awkward if one of you moves in for a kiss at the end of the evening only to find the other in shock by the prospect!
• It may sound cliché, but compliment her. Especially important if you’ve never physically met before. If this is your first actual encounter, she’s likely to be all nerves about her appearance. Do your best to put her at ease, but also don’t lie. If you’re working off a profile picture and can’t even recognize her when you meet, try to put aside the obvious trust issues for a moment and put her at ease. Try to find something specific you genuinely do like about her aesthetically, and say so. If you spend a bit of time talking to her, you might find more of a similarity…
• Be conscious of where you take her! If she leaves the ball in your court as far as where to go on a first date, know that this choice of yours is going to be scrutinized in the highest detail! Too much pressure? Ask her if she has any preferences! Especially when it comes to food – is she allergic to shellfish? does she hate Italian food? is she a vegan? A simple, “Is there anything I should know about your food choices?” could save the both of you a lot of embarrassment! Where ever you decide to take her will give her clues both about who you are, and who you think she is.
• Self-depreciating chatter is just as bad as overt bragging. You’re on a date to learn about each other so telling a girl what a looser you are will only make you look like… a looser. It’s just as annoying as the guy who does nothing but brag about his job, car, how far he can run or how much beer he can drink. Your best bet? Stick to positive things about yourself and keep it vague unless asked for more details. Instead of “I run 15 miles every day and slam protein shakes”, how about “I’m into running; it makes me feel great and keeps me motivated”. If she’s interested, she’ll ask for more details, if not, leave them out.

• Keep your experiences with others to a minimum. We don’t just mean girls either. Girls want to learn about you – your likes, dislikes, etc. If they like you, they’ll have plenty of time for you to share your life experiences. One or two relevant stories are okay, but most girls aren’t on a date to hear you retell your college years…
• Being rude. To anybody. Even if they deserve it. Most girls don’t see a man put his foot down with a waiter or that guy who accidentally bumped into them in the street as a sign of power and strength. It makes you look like a bad person. An understanding and compassionate response to most situations will get you far more respect than a macho one. Unless, of course, you or your girl are being genuinely threatened. Someone bumps into your date on the street? Instead of chasing them down and demanding an apology just make sure your date is okay and let it go…

Have you got more peeves or tips to apply to first date etiquette? Share them with us!
Mobile apps like Glober are a great way to meet girls who already share similar interests to you! Try the free app now to find girls at the same hang-outs as you!

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Timeless Tips For Dating – Wisdom of the Ages

     Dating may be an ancient practice by humanity, but that doesn’t mean that in the 21st century there is anything less to talk about! As dating has evolved from common matchmaking, to arranged marriages, free choice, and (ironically) back around to virtual matchmaking, forthcoming advice has been endless. What, however, are some timeless words of wisdom that remain true regardless of the century, decade or dating medium?

  • Be polite – Perhaps the number one rule with the most to be said about it… This applies to interactions pre-date, during a date, and post-date. If you are asked out and have no interest in the party making the request, be polite about saying no. Keep your manners about you during a date and if the two of you didn’t “click”, feel free to decline a second date, but in a respectful manner. Thank them for the time they dedicated to you and be honest about how you feel. Kindness is the best tool in your kit – especially in a world where people can rate their interactions with you via apps like Lulu and others…
  • Do your homework – In former centuries and even just decades ago, a girl or guy would rely on the reputation of a person’s family and word of mouth from the community previous to considering a potential match. In 2014, while those are still valid – a curve ball has been thrown, in that now there is so much information accessible online on just about anyone. Problem being, is it true or not? Online profiles give many people the opportunity to pretend to be someone their not… on the other hand it also leaves people at the mercy of online trolls too, who can deface someone’s reputation almost without cause. Either way, it’s still important to try to know as much as you can about your date beforehand.
Dating Wisdom

Dating Wisdom

  • Keep it light, keep it public – Modern dating is no longer held to Victorian standards of chaperons and constant observation – but that doesn’t mean there still isn’t a need for it, though maybe for different reasons. When first meeting, plan on something relatively short, where the focus is on each other and not something else (like a movie), and keep it public. Safety can be found in numbers and until you get to know your match a little better, it’s best to keep others around!
  • Like and love people for who they are, not who they could be – Don’t marry someone based off ‘potential’ you think you can bring out in them. While people are likely to grow and change together – changing shouldn’t be on the table from the start. Make sure you can accept them as they are before you commit, and remember that as the years go by….

Again, the key factors to a long and happy relationship are honesty, sincerity and respect. Don’t put these labels on a partner prematurely and always expect them before you commit. First and foremost in it all though, is the importance of treating everyone with dignity – whether they are the right match for you or not.

To quote the famous Morrissey:

…I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does…

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Challenges of Online Dating

While online and mobile dating may be convenient for some, that certainly doesn’t make it any easier… Virtual dating comes with its own set of challenges.

For one, expecting a version of yourself in the opposite gender, or getting upset when you’ve been matched with people outside your usual breadth of dating material are two of the biggest obstacles that online daters set for themselves. They have high expectations that these algorithms are going to find their clone – and maybe that’s their problem with dating in general. They have a ‘type’ and don’t ever date outside of that. Instead of branching out after multiple failed relationships composed of the same “type”, they just keep following their broken formula of loneliness. One of the biggest challenges of online dating is overcoming the obstacles you set yourself up for in the physical dating world. Most quality dating sites will match you with people based on psychology a little bit deeper than if you both like Italian food and comedy movies. Resist your knee jerk impulse to reject and stick to your type!

Maybe you’ve opened your mind up now and are a little more willing to give that girl who’s not all that outdoorsy a try? How can you be sure her profile is genuine? You can’t. Another one of the major challenges of online dating is that the anonymity with online identity seems to lull people into thinking it’s okay to lie about who they are. On average, 60% of online daters have lied about their weight in their profile. 48% lie about their height and 19% lie about age. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about that except keep your fingers crossed and hope that if things progress to the point of meeting, that their ‘truth stretching’ isn’t obvious. You can, however, keep an eye out for red flags in a dating profile!

Challenges of online dating

Challenges of online dating

Spam, scams, and shenanigans. Online dating is a target for such activity, largely because bad people are looking to capitalize on your loneliness to make some money. Don’t forget to be on the look out for fembots. Most people with much experience on the internet can spot a scam or bot a thousand clicks away, but they are ever evolving like a virus so keep your guard up. If your online match seems to dodge meeting up after a reasonable amount of online chatter (meeting is the point right?), then be leery. Furthermore, (and we shouldn’t have to tell you this) never send money or personal information to someone you meet on the internet!

Have you experienced a set of challenges or online dating peeves you’d like to share with us? Tell us all about it in the comment section, and don’t forget to download Glober – a great way to introduce yourself into the global dating world!

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Fall Date Ideas – Glober

Next week marks the Autumn Equinox and Fall will be upon us! As Starbucks gets ready to roll out their pumpkin spice lattes, cardigans and light sweaters make an appearance in closets again, and the air takes on a hint of nostalgia, it’s time to amend your dating routine yet again! Whether you’ve cultivated a relationship all year or are heading out on a first date, we’ve got a great list of some fun things to do to take full advantage of the new season!


Dating in the Fall

Leaf looking isn’t just a past time for those past retirement age! People of all ages can’t deny the beauty that takes hold of the countryside as the temperatures dip cooler. Whether it’s taking a drive in the country, planning a picnic, canoe trip or hike, make it a point to do something outdoors with your partner!
Find a Fall Festival! Many communities are gearing up for their established fall or harvest festivals between September and October. Find one near you and enjoy the festivities! Hay rides, corn mazes, you name it!
Go apple picking. Fall is also apple season and orchards all over the country often host u-pick tours. Not only do you get to spend a beautiful day outside, but you can take the apples home later and bake a pie together, or drop them off at a local charity! Baking not your idea of fun? See if your orchard sells fresh apple cider or apple cider donuts, yum!
Practice your pumpkin carving just in time for Halloween! Afterwards, roast the seeds for a healthy snack!
Campfires finally feel good again with the cooler weather, break out the s’mores and ghost stories and sleeping bags!
Shop for Halloween costumes together! An evening of playing dress up can lead to so much more…
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The Cost Of Dating

Is being single draining your bank account? In a survey from 2011, Glamour Magazine determined that being single cost approximately $1500 – $2100 per year depending on your gender. Considering the continued rising cost of living across the nation, one could assume it’s notably higher now five years later.

The Cost of Dating

The Cost of Dating

Women largely spend their dating budget on manicures and pedicures, haircuts, waxing, tanning, outfits and transportation. Men who may save some on the grooming cost, still pick up the tab more often than not. Other costs for them include transportation as well as flowers/chocolate type items. Now, each gender can add the cost of their online dating profiles to that budget too. While you may be tempted to go with a free or cheap dating site, studies have shown that the attention and quality of time given to potential matches is greater with the higher cost dating sites. So, if you’re looking for someone to pass the time with, by all means save money. If you’re looking for something long-term though, spend the extra money!

The average cost of an online dating profile, based on the four leading sites, is $35/month. It might seem a little steep when one considers that some months you probably get more enjoyment out of your Netflix account for a much cheaper rate. At the same time though, online dating does provide you with the opportunity to do a little more screening of your potential matches before you commit to a new outfit and/or the cost of a night out on the town. What was the alternative before online dating for many young singles? Going out to a local club or bar? Consider how much you might have spent before online dating just going out looking for someone to go on a date with? Suddenly a $35/month price tag doesn’t look to steep. Are you going to go out to clubs and bars anyways because that’s what you like to do with your friends? Loose the dating fees and download a location-based dating app like Glober. Glober is a free dating app that matches you up with locals with similar interests! It’s a great (FREE) app to use when you’re out and about to find potential matches!

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Dating Burnout And How To Avoid It

A little disillusioned with the traditional dating scene you thought you’d sit down to create yourself a top-notch dating profile on one of the top dating websites. It seems to be the rising trend when looking for love and you’re tired of spending the weekends feeling forced into socializing in the hopes of meeting someone worth keeping around. Instead of hanging out at social events, now you spend a hour or two managing your online dating profile, reply to messages (or wondering why you’re not getting any) and browsing through suggested profiles. Somehow it feels like the same old story… No sparks, nothing promising, and a lot of time and effort spent. Sounds like you’re experiencing what’s known as “dating burnout”. Don’t worry, you’re not alone and you’re not the first! Check out these great tips to avoid loosing your enthusiasm for the dating world!

Avoid Dating Burnout

Avoid Dating Burnout

Avoid Dating Burnout

  • Limit Yourself – Stop making your only purpose in life be finding a date! When online dating enters the picture (and the fact that you can “date” people from your living room in your PJ’s) many people let it consume entirely too much of their free time. Don’t make every evening about browsing dating sites and responding to messages. Set aside a night or two each week to spend a couple hours responding to messages and perusing the suggested matches. In fact, make it a point to put at the bottom of your profile that you usually reply to messages on Tuesdays. This way a) they won’t be offended if you don’t get back to them ASAP and b) you can gauge if they bothered to read your whole profile or just look at your pictures…
  • Take Breaks – Not had any luck finding a date lately? Take a break! Plan a getaway with friends, or by yourself and forget about dating. Putting all your effort into dating can be draining and, over time, it shows. You come off less like a casual dater and more like someone in the throws of desperation. Take breaks, re-group, re-assess and then hit it again when you feel refreshed. Who knows, you might just find your match when you’re not looking!
Dating burnout

You are more than ‘single’!

  • Update your profile regularly – Look at it as freshening yourself up! Put up new pictures seasonally and touch up your profile when your tastes change, or things in your life. Maybe you posted your profile when you were finishing up a Master’s Degree; update it when you graduate and list your new job, or area of expertise! If you let your profile stagnate, so will your dating life!
  • You are more than ‘single’ – Don’t let your status as ‘single’ define your existence. You are an awesome person with lots of interests, hobbies, and dreams. Remember this and indulge them. Most people are looking for someone who is confident in their own personality. If you’re defined by ‘single’ that’s boring and needy. Be an amateur writer, painter, surfboarder, or charity volunteer. Be something other than ‘single’ both in your everyday life and online.
  • Try a dating app like GLOBER – Find people locally who are just looking to hang out. Taking a break from dating doesn’t mean you can’t interact with cool people! Avoid dating burnout by finding cool people to spend time with! Dating apps like Glober require less time and anxiety creating profiles and let you swipe through nearby matches quickly! Have fun with it!

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Be Who You Want To Date

The great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy once said, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” The meaning is pretty clear, and just as relevant to the dating scene as it is to the rest of life. Too often singles complain about the lack of decent date options out there and yet are quick to pick apart those that come along. It’s a brutal scene to be in. Maybe one of the best things you can do to increase your chances at finding a relationship would be to turn that critical eye inward for bit and consider if you would want to date you?

First things first, figure out what you are looking for in a long term partner. Some of the top traits that men cite being important in a long term partner are: ambition, intelligence, attractiveness and health, being dependable and emotionally stable. Traits women look for in men to date are intelligence, humor, attentiveness, class and romance. Once you know what you want in a partner, ask yourself if you reflect all those things too. People who put an emphasis on fitness, aren’t likely going to be interested in someone who loafs around and is carrying some extra weight. So putting fitness on the list of traits you’re looking for means you need possess this trait too! If you don’t want a partner who flies of the handle over small things, then don’t be that type of person to someone else.

Be who you want to date!

Be who you want to date!

Find your flaws and start working to improve them! And remember, while your out there looking for the perfect match, to look with an empathetic eye, because you just might look passed “the one”, not realizing that they are working to improve too!

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Signs You’re In It For The Long Term

Clarifying uncertainty in relationships is one of the biggest trials of the dating world. Are they as in to you as you are them? Are they interested in something long-term or just playing the field? To help you clarify your partners intentions a little bit better, check out these common signs that their into you for the long-term.

  • They have met all your family that are important to you – and added the rest on Facebook
  • Trust has been established. Neither party feels the need to question where the other is/was nor snoop through phone messages or emails… Equally though, respect has been established and they will always communicate with you if they are going to be late, or going out somewhere so you aren’t worried.
  • They inconvenience themselves to make you happy. It’s a true sign of caring when someone steps outside of their comfort zone or makes a personal sacrifice (even small ones) to ensure that you are happy and taken care of. It’s not something people who aren’t’ serious are likely to do.
  • If they include you in decisions. Again, actions like this show they are interested in your happiness, in addition to theirs!


  • They show fear of hurting you. Someone who cares about the long-term future of a relationship cares about whether or not they hurt you. They show fear of doing anything to lose your trust, respect, or affections.
  • They talk about your future together, and care what you have to say about it.
  • They are willing to swallow their pride and show their weaknesses. Equally, once you have done so with them, they are careful never to use those against you or make you feel vulnerable.
  • It should go without saying, but frequent touching, doting and attention are all great signs!

The key to longevity is when these signs not only appear, but continue over an extended period of time. It’s obvious that in the beginning of a relationship someones focus is likely to be only on you, this doesn’t mean it’s time for wedding bells though! Make sure that after the initial relationship butterflies, those feels and affections are still to be found!

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Are You An Annoying Couple?

Everyone has different ideas about how to conduct themselves when in a relationship. Some couples are most prim and proper when it comes to their interactions in public and others can’t seem to keep their hands to themselves. Now enters social media and those annoying couple habits that we were all once only subject to in public, are available to peeve us 24/7! Think you and your partner might fall into the annoying couple category? Check out some of the top cited irksome behaviors we’ve heard about below. Got your own peeves about couples in public or online? Share your comments with us!

  • Dumping your friends – Your friends understand that you’re going to be more pre-occupied with your new partner in crime, but don’t ever use it as an excuse to ditch or cancel plans with them. If you’d rather spend time with your boyfriend or girlfriend, then don’t bother to make the plans in the first place.
  • Don’t loose who you are – Sure you’ve got a new person whose having a big influence over your life currently, but don’t let them change who you are. Converting all your likes over to their likes is not only unhealthy for your friendships, it’s also unhealthy for a long-term relationship.


  • Assuming invitations – You might think of yourselves as a unit of one, but others don’t. Just because one of you receives an invitation to something, don’t assume that the other is expected too. Always clarify. You don’t want to offend your host by showing up with an uninvited  party, but also be leery of not bringing them in case it was an unclarified dual invitation!
  • Social Media PDA – You’ve updated your statuses to read “In a Relationship with…”. You’ve changed your profile picture to a couple selfie. You have fulfilled your duty to the social media world of confirming that you are now a unit of 2! Now it’s time to start keeping yourself in check! A major gripe against couples is excessive tagging, check-ins, couple selfies and the TMI public posts directed at only your girlfriend or boyfriend, yet conveniently displayed for all to see.

Share your peeves or stories below and don’t forget to download Glober and do your part to spread love around the globe!


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